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Immersive, Engaging &
Inclusive Kids Boxing Programme

Using structured session design and unique approaches, we introduce children to boxing in a way that is educational and exciting.

BoxingTots Programme and Award Scheme is fun filled and provides a progressive journey through recreational boxing.

Developed by boxing coaches and primary school teachers the BoxingTots programme has been developed to enhance physical literacy


Programme & Schemes



Skills Matrix

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Our three phases of fun

Frequently asked questions

What is BoxingTots?


BoxingTots is a fun and engaging recreational boxing program specifically designed for young children. It aims to introduce the FUNdamentals of boxing in a safe and age-appropriate manner, fostering physical activity, coordination, discipline, and social skills.


What age group is BoxingTots aimed at?


BoxingTots is tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. The program is carefully structured to cater to the unique needs and abilities of this specific age group, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Who owns BoxingTots?


BoxingTots is owned and operated by Allstars Sports Group Ltd: We are passionate about promoting physical fitness and providing children with an exciting and educational introduction to the world of boxing.


What support is in place for me when delivering BoxingTots?


We provide comprehensive support to all BoxingTots instructors. You will receive detailed training materials, lesson plans, and ongoing assistance from our experienced team. Additionally, you'll have access to a community of fellow instructors where you can share ideas and seek guidance.


What is recreational boxing?


Recreational boxing is a non-competitive form of boxing that focuses on skill development, fitness, and enjoyment rather than participating in competitive bouts. It emphasises technique, coordination, and discipline while maintaining a safe and playful environment.


How do people book?


Booking BoxingTots sessions is quick and easy. Parents and guardians can visit our website to view available class schedules and reserve a spot for their child via a direct link to your booking system 


Where can I deliver BoxingTots?


BoxingTots sessions can be delivered in various suitable locations, such as boxing clubs,  community centres, sports clubs, schools, and recreation facilities. We encourage you to explore potential venues within your area and collaborate with them to host these exciting sessions.


Will I make money?


As a BoxingTots subscriber, you have the opportunity to generate income through the delivery of sessions. The revenue structure is designed to reward your efforts and commitment to promoting the program, the more sessions you deliver, the more money you make.


How do I let people know about my sessions?


We support our instructors in marketing their BoxingTots sessions. You will receive promotional materials, including flyers and digital assets, to spread the word within your community. Additionally, we will showcase your sessions on our website and social media platforms to increase visibility and attract participants.


What is the cost to deliver BoxingTots?


The cost of a BoxingTots subscription is £34.99 per month, in addition to this you will be responsible for all venue costs, staffing and maintaining qualifications, first aid & DBS registration



Is it inclusive?


We strive to maintain an inclusive program, making it accessible to all children.


What equipment do I need?


To conduct BoxingTots sessions effectively, you will need basic boxing equipment such as gloves, focus pads, noodles, hoops, balls and agility cones. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of required equipment, along with recommendations for quality suppliers.


What are the ratios of staff to children?


Safety is of utmost importance during BoxingTots sessions. The recommended staff-to-children ratio is one instructor per 12 children. This ensures personalised attention, proper supervision, and a secure environment for all participants. At BoxingTots sessions, parents are present to assist when required.


Can I run more than one session per week?


Absolutely! As an instructor, you have the flexibility to run multiple BoxingTots sessions per week based on demand and availability. The more sessions you host, the greater your potential to earn income and positively impact the lives of more children in your community.


Are you insured?


Yes, BoxingTots carries comprehensive insurance coverage. As an instructor delivering sanctioned BoxingTots sessions, you and the participants are protected by our insurance policy, which includes general liability and participant accident coverage for added peace of mind.

What is BoxingTots?
What Age Group is BoxingTots Aimed at?
Who owns BoxingTots?
Recreational Boxing
How do people Book?
Where can i deliver BoxingTots?
Will i make Money?
Marketing Support 1
What's the Cost?
Is it inclusive?
What equipment do i need?
Can i run more han one sessionper week?
Are you insured?
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