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Boxing for kids

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

As a parent it is understandable that you may have reservations or at least questions before letting you child join a boxing class. You may be subject to friends asking, “why would you let your child fight like that?” or “surely that is dangerous?” whilst people’s opinions of boxing and the stigma attached to it are changing rapidly, we want to reassure you that whatever the opinion or stigma, the reality is hugely different.

It is important to remember that Boxing as a sport has been around since 3000bc, the modern era has brought intense scrutiny and the highest levels of risk management, arguably, in any sport.

The number one priority of coaches, promoters and governing bodies is athlete safety, and this does not diminish as we filter down to the grassroot sport, the safety and wellbeing of boxers at all levels is equal from huge pay-per-view events to small local shows.

Boxingtots is a totally non-contact children’s activity, the only contact your child’s hand will have would be against a training pad or a balloon, we do not spar against each other, we don’t have boxing rings and we do not tolerate any form of threatening behaviour at any time, in fact, we actively discourage it.

What our classes and boxing as a sport can bring to your child’s personal, physical and social development is many fold, the benefits that your child can get from boxing far outweigh the minimal risks.

· Improved fitness.

· Improved coordination.

· Improved confidence.

· Improved discipline.

· Improved balance and agility.

· Improved emotional intelligence.

· Improved general health.

· Improved focus.

· Improved self-awareness.

· Improved focus.

· Improved emotional control.

In short, Boxingtots classes are a great chance to build confidence, expend energy and improve fitness, not to mention the friendships that are developed within our classes.

The benefits of boxing can have an astonishing effect on a child’s health and are transferable to other aspects of school, other sports clubs and personal development.

Boxingtots sessions are age appropriate with sessions tailored to your child’s age group.

Jabbers, 3 – 4 year olds

  • Non-contact,fun, sports specific games.

  • They will learn about technique and fitness.

  • Parents are encouraged to join in by holding pads.

  • Maximum 20 per class.

Uppercuts, 4 – 5 year olds

  • Non-contact, fun, sports specific games.

  • They will learn further improve technique and fitness.

  • Parents are encouraged to join in by holding pads and developing/discussing skills further at home

  • Maximum 20 per class.

Knockouts, 6 – 7 year olds

  • Non-contact, fun, sports specific games.

  • They will learn the fundamentals of boxing to prepare them for an amateur boxing gym should they wish.

  • Boxing fitness specific to their age range

  • They will learn the respect element of boxing

To find out more or to contact your local Boxingtots coach, click here

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